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DesignCrowd’s Creative Community Grows To More Than 500k Designers

Wednesday, 02 March 2016
DesignCrowd’s Creative Community Grows To More Than 500k Designers

It's always a delight to welcome new designers to our creative community.

And with our ever expanding reach, we were recently able to celebrate the half-a-millionth designer joining DesignCrowd.

It means we now have 500,000+ designers registered on the site, from 124 countries around the world, all ready to start offering quality creative ideas to our customers.

Our CEO and co-founder, Alec Lynch, said the milestone highlights the need for the marketplace as an alternative to traditional design agencies.

"I started DesignCrowd to provide designers around the world with opportunity to be creative, make money, build their portfolios and work with startups and brands on the other side of the world."

"By providing access to 500,000 designers, DesignCrowd is also providing a better way for businesses to outsource design and get high quality creative work done in a faster and more affordable way"

Our community reflects the diversity of the freelance industry, and includes everyone from casual freelancers to frequent users, earning significant sums. We have more than 40 categories the designers can show off their skills, including logo design, business card design, and web design.

Notable designers include PB, from the UK, with A$1million in earnings; jaime.sp, from the US, with A$106k+ in earnings; and Bluejet, from Australia, with A$780,5000 in earnings, to date.

Bluejet said:

"I use DesignCrowd because it gives me choice."

"With a young family, the platform gives me the flexibility to decide my own schedule and workload and, as opposed to working in agency, I get to choose briefs that suit my talents."

To date, more than 9 million designs have been submitted to contests through the site, answering briefs from international clients including Virgin, Amnesty International, and Harvard Business School.

Alec added:

"DesignCrowd's mission is to provide talented designers with opportunities to be creative and earn money regardless of their location or language."

"To help half a million designers in 124 countries earn money is a fantastic achievement and highlights how crowdsourcing services like DesignCrowd are an increasingly popular way for designers around the world to find work - providing them with meaningful income, flexibility and opportunity."

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Written by Kevin Bradford.